Mar 01, 2021  
2016 Summer Session Catalogue 
2016 Summer Session Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

ERH 224W - Genre Studies: Non-Fiction

Instructor: COL Rob McDonald
Location: Blue Ridge Room, Center for Leadership and Ethics (CLE 108)
Date/Time: Monday-Friday 9:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.
Credit Hours: 3

A study of the conventions of non-fiction with opportunities to practice writing in the genre. The course emphasizes the process and techniques of original composition and includes opportunities to share work beyond the classroom. Note: Cadets cannot take this course if they have already taken WR 334 or WR 334W.  Writing Intensive Course. Prerequisite(s): ERH 102, WR 102 or EN 102 with a minimum grade of C.