Sep 24, 2021  
2018-2019 Academic Catalogue 
2018-2019 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NS 402 - Leadership and Ethics

Credit Hours: 2

Navy and Marine-option (Seniors). A seminar that prepares future leaders by exploring and applying a diverse range of leadership and ethical tools to enhance objective, sound, and timely decision-making in the most challenging environments. This course emphasizes the importance of leadership that adheres to the highest standards of character and integrity.  It is a “Leadership Seminar” where fundamentals and applications of leadership and ethics will be discussed. Note: This is the capstone course within the NROTC academic curriculum. Corequisite(s): NS 412  for Navy seeking/commissioning cadets, NS 414  for Marine commissioning cadets, or LS 451  for non-commissioning cadets.  Failure to take LS 451 with ROTC course will result in a grade of F in the course.