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2020 Summer Session Catalogue 
2020 Summer Session Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

IS 210 (S2) - American Government

Instructor: LTC Howard B. Sanborn, IV
Location: Online Asynchronous See Details Below
Credit Hours: 3

Examination of our main national governmental institutions and the application of constitutional provisions to their operation. The role of political parties, elections, and public opinion in the American political process.

Remote Summer Session II Delivery Method:  Asynchronous

Students will complete a series of lecture-based modules on aspects of the American government, including lessons on political institutions, political bargaining and economic decision-making, election forecasting, and voting, that will culminate in unit quizzes. They will also participate in weekly online discussions with their classmates. Students will take a comprehensive final exam and complete a paper comparing the stances of prominent political actors on an issue of their choosing.


American Government: A Brief Introduction (Brief Fifteenth Edition) 

Authors: Theodore J. Lowi, Benjamin Ginsberg, Kenneth A. Shepsle, and Stephen Ansolabehere.

W. W. Norton & Company (2018)

ISBN 13- 9780393674934


The American Anomaly: U.S. Government and Politics in Comparative Perspective (Fourth Edition)

Author: Raymond Smith

Routledge (2018)

ISBN-13: 978-0393674934


Final Exam: July 23rd 8-11 a.m.