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2020 Summer Session Catalogue 
2020 Summer Session Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

HI 103-02* - World History I

Instructor: Dr. Kelly A. Minor
Location: Online Asynchronous See Details Below
Credit Hours: 3

A study of the world’s major civilizations prior to 1500, concentrating on their primary values and institutions, and their cultural contacts. Particular attention devoted to the Middle East, China, India, the Mediterranean world, and Western Europe.

Remote Summer Session I Delivery Method: Asynchronous

Each week of this course opens on a Sunday at 0800 and closes the following Sunday at 2300.  Approximately 2-3 normal weeks of material are covered each week of the compressed summer course.  All assigned work for a grade will be due on 1-2 days, occasionally on a Wednesday or Thursday and always on a Sunday.  All deadlines are 2300.  There are no “live” elements, so each cadet is responsible for moving systematically through the assigned course material for that week and meeting the deadline(s) at his/her own pace. Assigned course material requires reading in a physical textbook, taking a quiz on Canvas, watching a pre-recorded lecture that plays directly on Canvas (nothing to download and no log-in), reading a set of documents delivered on Canvas or in a physical book, composing a short essay on that reading, submitting that essay on Canvas, and concluding with a summative quiz taken on Canvas.  Any test is delivered on Canvas; there is no in-person requirement at any time.

There are no special technology or delivery requirements for this course.  The only forms of communication are via Canvas and VMI email.  No software is required other than what is already on Canvas, access to widely reliable and accessible word processing and slides programs (such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint), and the ability to open PDFs.  The only hardware requirement is use of a personal computer with internet access.  Reliance on a tablet or  a phone as the only means to access the course is not recommended.

Textbook Requirements:

The Human Journey, Volume 1 Kevin Reilly 2nd edition, 2019 ISBN:978-1-5381-0558-0

Black Death, The Great Mortality of 1348-1350.  A Brief History with DocumentsSecond Edition, 2017 John Aberth, editor ISBN:9781319048877 (paper) ISBN:9781319049911 (digital)

Spartacus and the Slave Wars, A Brief History with Documents Second Edition, 2018 Brent D. Shaw, editor ISBN:9781319094829 (paper) ISBN:9781319104702 (digital)

Final Exam: June 19th 8 - 11 a.m.