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2012-2013 Academic Catalogue 
2012-2013 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Teacher Education

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VMI currently offers a teacher education program in elementary, middle, or secondary education as a member of the Rockbridge Teacher Education Consortium with Washington and Lee University and Southwest Virginia University. The program is nationally certified by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council. Through the consortium, cadets may complete the courses they need to obtain licensure in the state of Virginia. In most cases, cadets who meet requirements for the Virginia license will receive initial licensure to teach in all other states through reciprocal agreements among state departments of education. In addition, many private schools favor applicants who have been licensed through a state-approved program.

Students with an interest in education but do not plan to pursue teacher licensure may take professional education courses after consulting with their advisor.

Application Procedure:

Cadets wishing to apply for the program must submit an application to the Director of Teacher Education, LTC Elaine Humphrey, Miller Academic Center, 202 Carroll Hall. Cadets who are seriously thinking about pursuing licensure are encouraged to apply as early as the second semester of their fourth class year. Cadets interested in licensure in a state other than Virginia or who wish to teach in private secondary schools must also complete an application to be eligible to enroll in VMI’s education courses.

Candidacy Requirements:

Cadets who wish to be admitted to the teacher education program must meet and maintain a cumulative 2.5 GPA. Those cadets who do not meet the cumulative 2.5 standard by the end of their fourth class year, may be admitted conditionally by the Director of Teacher Education; they must, however, achieve a 2.5 cumulative GPA by the end of the first semester of their second class year to continue in the program.

Those cadets pursuing licensure in Virginia must also meet the following:

  1. Graduation from VMI in an appropriate major discipline.
  2. Successful completion of all teacher-certification courses with a 3.0 GPA.
  3. Completion of 12 semester hours of student teaching. This requires full-time teaching for one semester under the supervision of a master teacher in the public schools. Because of the demands of most VMI majors, this requirement may need to be completed after graduation from VMI through the adult degree program at Mary Baldwin College.
  4. Successful completion of the State Licensure Examination.

Course Requirements:

The following courses are required for licensure in Virginia. Those cadets who are pursuing licensure in another state or who wish to teach in private schools should consult with the Director of Teacher Education to design a program that includes appropriate courses from the listing below.

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