Sep 24, 2021  
2020-2021 Academic Catalogue 
2020-2021 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Institute Calendar 2020-2021

Critical Dates and Academic Calendar

First Semester - 2020

New Cadets matriculate (Cameron Hall) Sat-Sun, 15-16 Aug
Old Corps returns Tue-Wed (2200), 25-26Aug
Registration Thu-Fri, 27-28 Aug
Classes begin Mon, 31 Aug
Last day for curriculum or course change Tue, 8 Sep
Fall FTX Fri (CAD)-Sun, 9-11 Oct
Founders Day (No Classes) Wed, 11 Nov
Ring Figure (Tentative) Fri, 20 Nov
Classes end Fri, 11 Dec
Reading Day Sat, 12 Dec
Exams Mon-Fri, 14-18 Dec
December Joint Commissioning Ceremony Fri, 18 Dec
December Commencement Sat, 19 Dec
Christmas Furlough begins Fri (CAD), 18 Dec

Second Semester -  2021

Christmas Furlough ends Mon-Wed (2200), 17-19 Jan
Registration Tue-Wed, 19-20 Jan
Classes begin Thu, 21 Jan
Last day for curriculum and course change Thu, 28 Jan
Spring FTX Fri (CAD)-Tue, 9-13 Apr
1st Spring Reunion (Tentative) Mon-Tue, 19-20 Apr
2nd Spring Reunion Weekend (Tentative) Fri-Sat, 23-24 Apr
Classes End Tue, 4 May
Reading Day Wed, 5 May
Exams Thu-Tue, 6-11 May
Institute Awards Ceremony (Tentative) Fri, 14 May
Graduation Parade (Tentative) Fri, 14 May
Baccalaureate (Tentative) Fri, 14 May
Commissioning Ceremony (Tentative) Sat, 15 May
VMI Memorial Parade (Tentative) Sat, 15 May
Commencement (Tentative) Sun, 16 May

Class Changes:

First Semester No classes, Thursday, 10 September
  No classes, Wednesday, 30 September
  Thursday classes meet on Tuesday, 20 October
  Wednesday classes meet on Monday, 9 November
  No classes (Founder’s Day), Wednesday, 11 November
Second Semester: No classes, Wednesday, 20 January
       No classes, Tuesday, 16 February
  No classes, Wednesday, 24 March
  Wednesday classes meet on Friday, 26 March
  Tuesday classes, Thursday, 1 April
  No classes (Spring FTX), Monday & Tuesday, 12-13 April

             NOTE: Dates are subject to change.