May 28, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Modern Languages and Cultures, B.A.

Synopsis of the B.A. Curriculum in Modern Languages and Cultures

Fourth (Freshman) Class

Third (Sophomore) Class

Second (Junior) Class

First (Senior) Class

Total Hours: minimum 136

* Minimum Grade of C Required

** Cadets are required to take the following history courses as appropriate to their foreign language(s):
AR = HI 333X  History of the Middle East I; HI 334X  History of the Middle East II
CHI=Any 300-level or 400-level History course; HI 358  From Mongols to Manchus; HI 359  China in the Communist Era
FR= HI 350  France and the French Empire; HI 365  The French Revolution and Napoleon
SP= HI 373  Colonial Latin America; HI 374  Modern Latin America; HI 388X  Modern Spain; Civil War-Colonial Conflict

*** Cadets are required to take an IS course appropriate to their foreign language area(s):
AR = Any 300 level IS course
CHI=Any upper level IS course
FR = IS 330  Politics and Western Europe
SP = IS 335  Politics in Latin America or IS 330  Politics in Western Europe

+Cadets must take two civilizations & cultures designated courses.