Jul 19, 2024  
2023-2024 Academic Catalog 
2023-2024 Academic Catalog

Chemistry Minor

This minor can be declared through the Department of Chemistry .

The Department of Chemistry offers a minor in chemistry to those cadets wishing to expand their scientific knowledge beyond their declared major. A cadet wishing to obtain a minor in Chemistry must submit a plan of study to the Department Head in Chemistry for approval. The plan of study must include no less than 21.5 credit hours of chemistry courses selected from the courses listed below. As part of the 21.5 credit hour requirement for the minor, a student must first complete the three courses listed below as “Non-Elective Requirements.” To insure a breadth of coverage in the field of chemistry, a minimum of three courses listed below as “Group I Electives” must be chosen, and each selected course must be in a different area of chemistry; biochemistry, organic, physical, inorganic, or analytical. Finally, at least one laboratory course listed below as “Group II Electives” must be completed.

The plan of study should include all college level courses completed by the cadet as well as all courses the cadet intends to complete prior to graduation. All changes to the plan of study must be approved by the Department Head in order to maintain eligibility for the chemistry minor.

Non-Elective Requirements: (You must complete all of these)

Group I Electives: (Pick at least three)