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2014-2015 Academic Catalogue 
2014-2015 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


For prompt attention it is suggested that correspondence or calls be directed as follows: Area code for all numbers is 540

Academic Policy — Dean of the Faculty — 464-7212
Academic Records — The Registrar — 464-7213
Admissions — Director of Admissions — 464-7211 or Toll Free 1-800-767-4207 (Admissions related calls only)
Affirmative Action — AA/EEO Officer — 464-7322
Alumni Affairs — Senior Executive Vice-President, VMI Alumni Association — 464-7221
Bookstore — Keydet Bookstore — 464-7637
Business Matters, Construction, Maintenance — Deputy Superintendent (Finance Administration and Support) — 464-7321
Calendar — Office of the Chief of Staff — 464-7104
Commandant — Commandant’s Office — 464-7313
Contacting Cadets — VMI Visitor Center — 464-7306
Financial Aid — Financial Aid Officer — 464-7208
Financial Matters — Student Accounting (Tuition, Room/Board, Fees) — 464-7217
Foundation — Executive Vice-President, The VMI Foundation, Inc. — 464-7287
General Policy, Emergency Absences, and Discipline — The Commandant — 464-7313
Health of Cadets — Institute Physician — 464-7218
Intercollegiate Athletics — Director of Intercollegiate Athletics — 464-7251
Intercollegiate Athletic Tickets
— Ticket Office — 464-7266
International Programs — Director of International Programs — 464-7421
Miller Academic Center (MAC) — Director — 464-7661
Parents Council — Parents Council Liaison — 464-7072
Parents Weekend, and Related Matters — Office of the Chief of Staff — 464-7104
Public Information and News — Communications and Marketing — 464-7207
Robert A. Marr School of Continuing Engineering Education (records) — Registrar’s Office — 464-7213
Sports Information and News — Intercollegiate Sports Information — 464-7253
Summer School/Summer Transition — Director of the Summer Session — 464-7319
Student Accounting — Director — 464-7217
Title IX Coordinator — Inspector General — 464-7072
VMI Research Laboratories — Director — 464-7247
Vocational Placement of Cadets and Graduates — Director of Career Services — 464-7560

For more information on attending VMI visit: www.vmi.edu or call 1-800-767-4207

Non-Discrimination Statement

Consistent with Federal and State law, the Virginia Military Institute does not discriminate against employees, cadets, or applicants on the basis of race, sex, color, national origin, religion, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, pregnancy, genetic information, disability, or any other status protected by law - that excludes an individual from participation in, denied the individual the benefits of, treats the individual differently or otherwise adversely affects a term or condition of an individual’s employment, education, living environment or participation in an Institute program or activity.   This includes failing to provide reasonable accommodation, consistent with state and federal law, to persons with disabilities.        

Every VMI staff member, faculty member and cadet has the right to work and study in an environment free from discrimination and should be treated with dignity and respect. VMI complaint and grievance procedures provide employees and cadets with the means for resolving complaints that this Statement has been violated. VMI is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Anyone having questions concerning discrimination or the application of Title IX regulations should contact Title IX Coordinator, 212 Carroll Hall, VMI, Lexington, VA 24450, (540) 464-7072. Any cadet or prospective cadet having questions about disability services for students should contact the Director of the Center for Cadet Counseling and Disability Services, 448 Institute Hill, 2nd floor, Post Infirmary, Lexington, VA 24450, (540) 464-7667. For employment-related disability services, contact the Employee Disability Services Coordinator in the VMI Human Resources Office, Lexington, VA 24450, (540) 464-7322.