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2014-2015 Academic Catalogue 
2014-2015 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Costs and Payment Schedule

Tuition, Fees, and Deposits 2014-2015 Session

  Virginia Cadets Non-Virginia Cadets
Tuition 7,498 29,554
Room and Board 8,372 8,372
Auxiliary Fee 4,940 4,940
  Total tuition and fees $20,810 $42,866
Quartermaster charge 3,080 3,080
  Sub-Total  $23,890 $45,946
Security deposit  (applies to new & readmitted cadets only) 200 200
  TOTAL DUE $24,090 $46,146


Tuition and fees are based upon appropriations by the General Assembly. These appropriations are subject to state revenue collections; therefore, appropriations may be reduced by the Governor should there be a shortfall in state revenue. Accordingly, the VMI Board of Visitors reserves the right to adjust tuition and fees at any time during the year.

Room and board fees are required since all cadets live in Barracks and are provided twenty-one meals per week.

The auxiliary fee covers the cadet’s share of the costs of medical services, cadet activities/facilities, athletics and other services.

The quartermaster charge covers haircuts and the issuing, tailoring, laundering, and pressing of uniforms. Cadet uniforms are state property and must be returned to the Institute. These costs are rarely included in cost figures at other colleges, but should be taken into account when comparing college costs.

Qualified cadets will receive an ROTC uniform allowance from the Federal Government to help defray the cost of cadet uniforms. The annual allowance is about $900.

The security deposit covers property damages, lost property, and unpaid obligations to VMI. The deposit shall equal $200 at the beginning of each academic year; accordingly, any shortfall is billed at the beginning of each year. VMI returns this deposit, less any deductions and without interest, upon graduation or termination of the cadetship.

Payment Schedule

  Virginia Cadets Non-Virginia Cadets
New and Readmitted Cadets    
Reservation Fee $300 $300
Due August 1 $11,845 $22,873
Due December 15 $11,945 $22,973
Returning Cadets    
Due August 1 $11,945 $22,973
Due December 15 $11,945 $22,973

On or about 2 July and 7 November, VMI will send an email message to cadets and authorized bill payers indicating that bills and payment instructions are available for viewing on VMI’s website (the message will contain instructions for accessing this information). Tuition and fees will be due 1 August 2014 for the fall semester and 15 December for the spring semester.

VMI shall assess a late fee of $100 or 10% of the unpaid balance, if less, for failure to pay tuition, fees, and deposits by the due date. VMI may dismiss cadets from the Institute for failure to pay tuition and fees or any other financial obligation to the Institute as required. The Institute also reserves the right to hold grades, credits, transcripts, and diplomas until all financial obligations to the Institute have been satisfied. Cadets must satisfy all financial obligations to the Institute for past semesters or terms before they are allowed to register for any succeeding semester or term.

Reservation Fee

A reservation fee of $300 is required of new cadets and is applied toward total costs. It is refundable to those who do not enroll if requested in writing before May 1. Refunds after that date will be made only to cadets who withdraw because of academic or medical deficiencies prior to matriculation.

Other Costs

Other costs include textbooks, supplies, automobile registration, and non-issue clothing. Cadets must pay for such items with cash, check, or debit/credit card at the time of purchase.

The cadet newspaper, yearbook and literary magazine are optional and are billed separately by the various cadet organizations.

Refund Policy

Tuition and fees are refundable in part only upon official notice of withdrawal to the Commandant.

  1. Full refunds, less $1,000 are made for withdrawals prior to the first day of classes.
  2. On or after the first day of classes, refunds are prorated through the fifth week.
  3. No refunds are made after the fifth week of classes.
  4. Cadets receiving Title IV financial aid will receive a refund in accordance with applicable federal law.

Exceptions to the refund policy are made only in extraordinary circumstances. Appeals for exception will be considered by the Tuition Appeals Committee upon written request to the Comptroller, no later than 90 days after withdrawal from the Institute.

No refunds will be made until all issued military uniforms and equipment required to be returned have been received in good condition by the Commandant and the Military Store. Cadets will be charged for issued military uniforms and equipment which are not returned as required.


All students who wish to apply for in-state tuition rates must submit the two-page Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates that accompanies the application for admission. Entitlement to in-state tuition rates must be demonstrated in accordance with Section 23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia.

After admission, it is the duty of the cadet to provide written notification within 30 days to the VMI Registrar of any changes of address or domiciliary status affecting the cadet or his/her parents.

Cadets will be required to provide a yearly affirmation of their permanent residence address, as well as their parents’ permanent residence address. Changes from out-of-state to in-state status requests are reviewed by the Registrar. All changes require the completed application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates and accompanying documentation (if requested). Residence in the Commonwealth for purposes of obtaining an education does not qualify a cadet for Virginia residency status. For more information, please visit the VMI website at: http://www.vmi.edu/registrar, or call 540-464-7213, or write to:

Virginia Military Institute
303 Shell Hall
Lexington, Virginia 24450-0304

ROTC Benefits

The cost of attending VMI should be viewed together with the other benefits a qualified ROTC cadet receives. Currently, these benefits include:

  • Uniform allowance averaging $3,600 over four years.
  • Tax-free subsistence allowance of about $250 to $500 per month when contracted in a ROTC program.
  • Summer/training pay which varies with type and length of training and cadet status (contracted/non-contracted).

Senior Citizens

Pursuant to Virginia Senior Citizen’s Higher Education Act, any individual over the age of 60, who is a Virginia domiciliary and earns less than $15,000 annually, and who otherwise meets the admission criteria of the Virginia Military Institute (See admission section ) may attend free of tuition and fees. The admission criteria for summer session are substantially more lenient than the criteria for VMI’s full time, academic year, program. VMI does not offer a part-time enrollment option during the regular academic year.