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2014-2015 Academic Catalogue 
2014-2015 Academic Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Financial Management Concentration

The Concentration in Financial Management is designed for the Economics and Business majors who wish to emphasize financial issues in their studies. It is also designed to facilitate the transition to graduate-level work in accounting and finance. This option does not change the 139 credit hours necessary for the degree. Economics and Business majors who wish to declare a Financial Management Concentration must apply in person to the head of the Department of Economics and Business. They must also complete BU 411 , BU 415 , EC 405 , and one of the following courses: BU 305 , BU 412 , BU 413 , EC 421 , or EC 430 .

 All coursework for the concentration in financial management must be completed with an overall 2.0 average.